Version 2.7.2  Release Date: 3rdMay 2023

  • Help Desk Introduced with Functionality Walkthrough Videos.

Version 2.7.1  Release Date: 6thApril 2023

  • Update invoice in shipment history page.
  • Authonication for registration service
  • PRF labels uploaded in ftp

Version 2.7  Release Date: 13thMARCH 2023

  • Update profile pic in dashboard page.
  • Update invoice in ready to ship page.
  • L W H fields in Pre Alert page.
  • Global action buttons in ready to ship page.
  • Expand All/Collapse All buttons.
  • Reports for all.
  • Selected Items Count.
  • Export records in pdf and excel formats.
  • Dynamic settings for rates.
  • Dynamic settings for generated invoice.
  • Other payment type in payment screen.
  • Ready to ship page grid view.

Version 2.6  Release Date: 20thJANUARY 2023

  • Custamization of Header Menu & Dashboard.
  • Dashboard page: Billing Address and Profile pic section in the dashboard are upgraded.
  • Notifications:Displayed recent notifications and added notification detailed view.
  • Minimized grid columns for all pages for more user flexibility.

Version 2.5  Release Date: 05thDECEMBER 2022

  • Add on invoice payments.
  • Repacking and consolidation in ready to ship page.

Version 2.4  Release Date: 07thJULY 2022

  • Additional services based on destination country.
  • Dynamic Payment types.
  • Addional services based on IPS, RAR and Air.
  • Quotation, Pickup order based on business type(IPS, RAR and AIR).
  • Upload multiple images and add multiple items in shopper assist page.
  • Upload multiple images in ready to ship page.
  • Zero Bounce email validation.
  • Promo codes/Coupon codes